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Color Bang!

4.4 ( 1024 ratings )
Giochi Istruzione Rompicapo

What is color bang? It’s a game where you match the banger with the bangee using given colors. That is the simplest explanation for the game, but if you want more, I can give more.

In color bang, you have a banger whose color you control with four colored buttons. You also have a banger whose color you can’t control, but have to match to in order to win. So when playing, your goal is to use the colors you have to make the banger match the bangee and you only lose when you either drop below 0 points (in hard mode it’s higher). How do you get points? well, if the you’ve made the colors match using the buttons, you can press the bang button in the center and BANG, the banger and bangee collide. If the colors are the same, you get points. Points you get help add to your “cool meter”, it lies at the top right and when full, all colors go white for a multiplier, all you gotta do is press all four in any order. You only fail or lose when you drop below zero points and this can happen if you match the wrong colors, dont know color combinations and such. For example, if you think blue and red makes green instead of magenta, you lose a point for that bang.

Sounds easy right?

Well, actually it is if you play easy mode. In hard mode, the color of the bangee changes all so frequently giving you very little time to bang. Your cool meter loads twice as fast, this is a good thing as you get more multipliers. You now have 7 other sets of colors to worry about and this can add to confusion and cause you to make bad bangs. Did I forget to mention the colors change more frequently, because they do, alot. And the threshold isn’t 0, it increases as you go. It goes 5,10,20,30,50,70,90,99 after 100, you there’s no threshold. But you most likely won’t exceed 100 unless you’re good. The good news is, there is a reward for playing hard.

The mystery box can only be unlocked by playing hard mode. It’s a surprise what lies inside, so exceed the thresholds for the reward, but only in hard mode.

Does this sound like something you’d have fun with? if yes then check it out, if no, then still check it out because it’s fun.

Updates on the way and coming, feedback is welcome.